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This journal is now FRIENDS ONLY.

If you want to add me,comment on THIS post,and read teh rules:

1.Dun t41k lyk t!s. Auto-rejection.
2.NO FLAMING.I put up with a lot of this almost everyday.
3.No drama. Do it after being added,you get removed.You do it on this post,auto-rejection.
4.Don't expect me to be on at all times.I have a life,you know.
5.Likewise,I don't expect you to be on much,either.
6.I'm getting ready to enter an rp,so this journal will probably be in the pits during that time.Basically,If I don't post,RP has killed it.
7.Have fun?

...aaaaaand that's all for now.
(Link Friends Only banner by glenclyde)



How long has it been since I last made a post on this LJ? 40 weeks or so? Meh,probably been too busy with that D/P thread on Gaia....

Well,whatever. Not much has happened while I was gone. Couple of big events,but nothing more. I got Pokemon Diamond a while back. Already beaten,but still working on teh National Dex,that horror. Also started a New Game+ on Abyss,so sooner or later I'll get to see Indignation~! Also bought Spectrobes for the DS,but I got bored with it after beating it. Maybe I'll sell it back to Gamestop when I get the chance..

Summer break's almost over here,so in a couple of weeks I'll be back in school...which'll mean hell for me. D:

On another note,new icons GET!

Taken from dark_chao

1. Your Name: Rei

2. What would your name be if you were an RPG character?: Rei

3. Favorite RPG: Kingdom Hearts

4: Favorite RPG Character?: Luke fon Fabre

5. Japanese or American RPGs?: Japanese. US-made ones are pitiful.

6. Does it annoy you when the main female character is the stereotypical healer?: Not really.

7. The Final Fantasy Series- Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

8. Final Fantasy 8- NEVER PLAYED,LOL.

9. Magic or Fighting?: Fighting.Never really liked magic-casting,unless thwey were mixed with fighting.

10. Why does the main guy always carry a huge sword?: Becausebig swords are pwnsome and flasheh!

11. What number of party members form the ideal party?: 4 to 10

12. Guns- Cool or pointless?: Depends on who's using it D8
13. What weapon would YOU equip?: A sword. Particullay,the Defenser Twin sword in Tales of Symphonia

14. Is poison really that bad of a status effect?: Not as bad as Stone or Weak.

15. Fire or Ice?: THUNDER!!! Fire. HOU'OU TENKU!

16. Long summons or short summons?: As long as it's flashy, I don't care,but long summons indicate pwnsive attacks.

17. 2-D or 3-D?: 3-D,with the exception of the Tales of ----- series.

18. Claude or Rena?: ?

19. Is Magus really worth getting?: Who the hell is Magus?!

20. Chrono Cross- Both are good.

21. Favorite RPG Main Character?: Cless Alvein

22. What's your opinion on the undead?: Annoying,they either don't die,or don't STAY dead.

23. Could you tell Aeris was going to die before the end of disc 1?: Yes.

24. Are female lead characters acceptable?: Okay,so long as they're not all "cutesy".

25. Do you usually find the "secret" characters in RPGs?: I try to.

26. Ever made your own RPG storyline?: YES.

27. Have you ever played a fan-translated or imported RPG?: I wish.

28. What do you think of RPGs based off of popular anime series?: Depends on the anime.

29. Which is better, being able to see your foes before you fight them, or random encounters?: I don't care.

30. Do you own any RPG soundtracks?: Yes.

31. Was Super Mario RPG a little too much?: It was actually pretty good,in my opinion.

32: Pokemon- Your opinion?: Games are good. Anime is blah.

33. If you were an RPG character, what level would you be on?: 40 to 70.

34. What character class would you be?: Swordsman.


Stolen from volvagialuvr

Uggh....I'm frickin' still 2/3rds asleep right now,but what the heck...

Things have been going ok right now..though it seems Manda's in quite a fix right now...Foxx,me,and some of her other friends have been trying to help comfort her about it...And that doesn't help my day on Thursday...

On un-related news,I've decided to app at i_s_l_a_n_d_rp as Fon Master Ion,from Tales of the Abyss,but first,i've gotta:
1.Get some info on his background and whatnot.
2.Find him some icons.
3.Beat the game up to his final point.

Don't ever forget,Manda...You'll always have us to help you with this...

EDIT:Decided not to app there yet.D8;;;

Gimme ma gifts o' doom!!!

my xmas stockingCollapse )

Yep,it's almost time for Christmas,so the gift-giving randomness starts.

I took my first 2 Final Exams today.U.S History and Math....
US History was uber-easy,but long.Math was short,but hard.
2 down,5 to go.


Well....I haven't been here lately...due to Animal Crossing stealing my life.
Anyways,I hate to do this,but i'll have to give LJ...

My infamous RANDOM HIATUS.

Anyway,i'm pretty pissed right now,due to the fact that I need a new T.V,and can't get one.

JOIN THE Wii-nerds!
Yeah,me and 3 of my friends at school came up with that name.Yes,we're all geeky Wii-nerds.XD

The Wii is out!!!!

Sep. 16th, 2006

Meh,finally got AIM to WORK for me.It's been...well screwy since I made my account,but now that's fixed.Anybody who's got an AIM,minus clarissa because she already added me,feel free to add me to your super-long list o' buddies((or super-tiny list o' buddies))and chat away.

Been boring lately,though my entire class has LUNCH DETENTIONS.Why?

Thursday,we had a fire drill.While people were getting out,a HELL lot of RIOTS broke out,with people waving gang banners and the likewise that gangs do...People also got KNOCKED DOWN,TRAMPLED,AND STEPPED ON.Most of the people doing that crap were in my class,so.....yeah.We got Lunch Detentions EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT SIX WEEKS...so I can't eat lunch,go talk with my friends,or all the other stuff I normally do at lunch...

OMG,Majora's Mask

I've recently been playing Majora's Mask,and it hasn't exactly been EASY.

I finally reached Ikana,and I'm frickin' TOO SCARED to go any further,due to ReDeads and Gibdo's.Hopefully,i'll overcome it and beat the whole game.((I wanna see Majora!!!))

Other than that,school's been pretty boring,minus the occasional stink-bombs in the halls...-_-;

The Caravan comes home

Wednesday I beat Final Fantasy:Crystal Chronicles.
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