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Insanity's Cell~Do I look like a psycho to you?

The Journal of Rei,d00ds!


So,it seems you've stumbled to Rei's LJ, huh?Rei's name is Rei(Yes,I know that it sounds like a girl's name, but I just like it too much to change it.XD)

Rei is a thirteen-year old gamer, anime, and manga fan, loves various anime and manga, is a gaming addict., who is apparently reversed bias when it comes to the Legend of Zelda series.((Majora's Mask pwns Ocarina of Time!>O))Rei is also a Nintendo fan.

Rei's personality, attitude, and mood can be completely random at any time.He can be really nice, or really mean, depending on the day and time.He can be one person one month, and a totally different one the next.He can go from being extremely happy to being cranky or sad depending on my thoughts and available hobbies.

All in all, once you get to know Rei,you'll probably be able to relate to him.
((Yes,I know that I did it all in Third person,))

Claimed Metal Sonic @ sonic_claims

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